Medieval Europe During The Middle Ages

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Medieval Europe was the time period after the fall of the Roman Empire. During this time period, Europe was divided into several kingdoms. Lords had manors and peasants that lived on their land, working in exchange for protection. They never left the land; there was no trade. Kings and Queens were in charge of kingdoms. The head of the Catholic church, the Pope, had great influence over everyone, from knights to peasants. The Pope often had power struggles with Kings. As head of the church, the Pope believed that they had the power to crown anyone they wanted to. The Kings didn’t agree. During the Middle ages, the other half of the Roman Empire was being weakened by the spread of Islam. The Byzantine Empire was growing smaller and weaker. …show more content…

When Pope Innocent lll heard this news, he was furious. Zara was a Christian city, and it was wrong for an army of Christians to attack it.(Gale) Some of the Crusaders protested and Pope Innocent III called it off. Nevertheless, the Crusaders ignored him and proceeded to conquer Zara for the Venetians.(Gale) The Crusaders and the Venetians that aided them were excommunicated from the church for their actions.

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