Medieval Fairy Tales: The Princess And The Glass Mountain

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Katie Knoepfle Per.1 Middle Ages Report Medieval Fairy Tales The middle ages were dark times that had little to no happy stories. however over time the fairy tales got broken down to smaller pieces and came to more commonly known as cinderella, snow white, and sleeping beauty. Three of the original stories were:The Egg-Born Princess, East of the Sun and West of the Moon, and The Princess and the Glass Mountain. Each of these are important to the Medieval world by telling people to follow directions, not paying attention to detail, and people who wrote them had dark minds. In East of the sun and west of the moon a poor farmer had a lot of kids and the youngest who was the most pretty of all the kids. one day a bear comes to the door and offers the farmer lots of riches if he will give him his youngest daughter. she says no and the dad asks for one week to talk to her. After some time she says yes and goes to a ice castle where she sees the bear as a hummon and now he has so marry a troll princess. However she decides to save him and she finds him and they are rescued by some christian people and they live happily ever after.…show more content…
In The princess in the glass mountain there is a young lady who lives in a glass mountain who was pretty as well as rich. every day men would come from the far ends of the world and everyday people would fail. however there was one boy who decided to go up and as he did he found why so many people had failed there was a big egal who would attack the people if they got to close. he got attacked and baird the pain without flinching at all. soon he gets to the top and they are marred. soon everyone in the village is happy because the eagle as
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