Medieval Priests

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Only certain people could be Priests, who contributed a lot to the Manor and the community, while unifying the people under Christianity. Priests were highly respected and revered in the Manor. Priests had a very special role in the manor. Priests conducted church services in Latin, and helped explain the Bible and the church 's teachings in the peasant 's everyday language. The Priest performed religious ceremonies, such as Mass. The Priest gave guidance, good advice, and tried to help people live a good life (Cels 25). The Priest was a respected man of intelligence, whose job was to preach religion and the Bible to the peasants. Even though they were poor, and lived with serfs, the highest ranking member of the peasant village was the…show more content…
Afterwards, if the boy still wished to continue, he gradually was promoted through the four orders of clergy. If the boy was lucky enough to work with a generous, caring mentor, the child could be educated in Latin, to follow the service and join in responses (Bennett 326). The higher ranking members of the church came from higher class and noble backgrounds. The parish priests usually came from peasant-like poor backgrounds (Bishop 153). Priests were far from the wealthiest on the manor. There were plenty of options for medieval men to serve the Church. If a man took religious orders and dedicated their life to one bound by Christianity, they were a member of the clergy. The secular clergy were men of this order who would interact with others from the outside on a daily basis. This included priests, bishops, cathedral officials, etc. The regular clergy lived according to religious guidelines and lived solitary lives, serving God away from society. These Monks could also be priests and many were (Hinds 30). These monks were some of the first of their time to really live away from society and dedicate their life to God. Priests helped provide moral and religious support, while teaching peasants about the Bible. The priest’s job was to teach the serfs about religion and
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