Medieval Women In The Middle Ages

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In middle ages, men were thought of collectively as knights, merchants and crusaders; while, medieval women were classified according to their sexual status, included virgins, wives and widows.This is because class as well as gender deeply influenced a medieval woman's life dated back to that era. (Mate 1999, p.98) In this essay I will argue that medieval women’s lives that may be similar to mine. Some of the similarities could be: I could be discriminated by the society in many respects; my marriage would be a tragedy if it was tightly controlled by others; I may not even have the chance to feed my own children.

There is no doubt that medieval women could not avoid the negative impacts of gender inequalities. In the early Middle Ages, women had no time enjoying real equality with men. There was always a double standard in many respects in their lives. For instance, women had a more restricted choice of occupation, and fewer opportunities for education and the acquisition of property than males in their society. (Mate 1999, p.2) They found it difficult in finding jobs, because most of them were dominated by males. In all social classes, women were considered as weaker than men physically. Employers would prefer to
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Because of the inequalities that existed in the Middle Ages, although there were an increasing opportunities for working, women were still not easy to develop their careers or have decent jobs. Most young girls who were at marriageable ages would be highly control by their by parents in the aspect of marrying. None the less, after getting married, they sacrificed themselves to support their husbands and children. Despite the negative situation towards women in the Middle Ages, many women took advantages of the opportunities that society offered and were able to have better
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