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Interior of a temple

As you enter into a temple each room is more sacred than the one before it. Ordinary ancient Egyptians may have been allowed to enter the courtyard on special festival days, but could go no further into the temple. A row of columns surrounds the courtyard.The columns in the next room have pating to look like plants. The ones in the center where the light shines, are open as though they are blooming in the sun. The columns in the dark corners of the room are closed as though they have no light to blum . If you walk to the doorway into the next hall ,called the hypostyle hall.This hall does not have any light shining in, and it is very dark. Only special priests were allowed to see this part of the temple.You may have
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Later on they started to git stone for their temples, some they would last longer. they also carved their temples out of mountains .One of the reasons they did not last that long is because of the Nile river when it flooded the fields.

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The temple is best known for the source of depicting the advent and the defeat of the sea peoples during the reign of Ramesses III. The temple is 150 meters long with orthodox design. It closely resembles the nearby mortuary temple of Ramesses II. The entrance of the temple is from the middle of the two stone gates of the mud brick enclosure wall on both sides. Ramesse III is enclosed with both structures within a massive mud brick that include the storehouses, residences and workshops.

Temple of Edfu

Temple of Edfu is the best preserved temples in Egypt. It is one of the ancient Egyptian temples. It is located on the west bank of the Nile in the city of Edfu. The inscriptions on the wall provide the important information on myth, language and religion during the Greco Roman period in ancient Egypt. There are lots of scenes and inscriptions of the sacred drama related to the age old conflict between Horus and Seth. This temple is dedicated to Horus and Hathor of Dendera. This temple is the sacred to Horus for several festivals.


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