Importance Of Mediocrity

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Many people are stuck in the arena of mediocrity. They are not willing to put their best foot forward because things may seem too challenging or too difficult to be accomplished. People who are set in their ways tend to only do that which is necessary to get by. The fact is, that working in mediocrity will not enable you to become all that you were created to be. To become successful in life, you must be willing to move out of your comfort zone so that you can obtain the greatness that has been promised to you. To move away from mediocrity, you must look at what things you are responsible for doing and determine if what you are doing is ineffective or can be improved upon. When it comes to your job, do you find yourself only doing what…show more content…
Every once in a while we must check our attitudes to make sure that we are operating positively. You must take pause of your attitude and how you handle things when difficult situations come up. When problems come up in your life, do you calmly work to figure out what needs to be done to solve them or do you stress out and think that things can never get any better? Sometimes we may have to look within ourselves and get an understanding of how we are reacting to people and situations in our lives. We must always strive to remain positive no matter what the situation we find ourselves in. Having a positive attitude is a part of becoming a vessel of steel. I recall a difficult time at work when I was heading up a project. The vendor that I was working with promised to deliver on their task within thirty days. When this did not happen, and the delivery became ten days past due, my team members were waiting to see how I would react. They wanted to see if I was going to get upset or become stressed out. I did neither. My goal was to keep a positive attitude and to find a way to make up the time and keep the project on
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