Meditation Reflection

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What is Meditation – How does it work?
Meditation is a spiritual Practice that has the competence to enlighten your paths of self realization and the Expansion of your awareness. This is a great balancing technique that will set your body and soul at the blissful and peaceful state.
Self Fulfillment
Are you one of those who define Self Fulfillment as pursuing Fame, to be known in the world, to have the pleasing relationships, to create something exceptional, to earn all the wealth in the world and so on? Here, I want you to ask yourself a question, “Have I met the Self-Fulfillment with what I have got so far in the life?” I can bet that most of you will be having an urge to achieve more and you are never ready to settle down for less. It is
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It takes focusing on the single point which we call the third eye. The third eye is nothing but the area between our eye brows just above the nose. If you become able to concentrate on this one point effortlessly then you are likely to be in indestructible sense of well being with the Self-Fulfillment and the perfect ecstasy. It is really a great way to develop our intellect to a level where we can find the bliss, happiness and peace in our present moment. It makes us spiritually aware and enhances the mindfulness of our body and all the senses. It works so well with our body, mind, heart and spirit that we can find the treasures of happiness and peace all within us. It generally deals with internal focus rather than the external focus in which we eradicate all the external distractions and try to find the Self-Fulfillment within the…show more content…
If you are trying to train your mind and induce a mode of eternal consciousness for some sort of benefits or simply the awakening, then meditation is the only way that can lead you to achieve this. There are various meditation techniques that can encourage your relaxation, put up the internal energy, the life force and give rise to everlasting love, compassion, peace, generosity and the
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