Mednax Case Study: Pediatrix

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There is an increasing demand for products and services in the healthcare industry. Companies in this market, like mednax, are facing an increasing demand for their products and services. It requires therefore great strength to continue operating in this industry. Some of Mednax company’s strengths include high growth rate, reduced labor costs, barriers of market entry and a high profitability and revenue. The company is continuing to offer a wide range of medical services in the United States of America. Its services are offered through two divisions, which are, Pediatrix Medical Group (Pediatrix) and American Anesthesiology, Inc. Its Pediatrix division is one of the nation's largest provider of newborn hearing screens, and includes a network of newborn physicians offering services to more than 300 neonatal intensive care units (NICUs).…show more content…
Mednax uses a proprietary picture achieving together with the communication system in order to facilitate services (Value Line, 1936). The other strength of Mednax is physicians and advanced practitioners practicing as part of the corporate reshaping the delivery of care in its specialties and subspecialties. The fact is that Mednax uses evidence-based tools, continuous quality initiatives as well as clinical research in order to enhance patient outcomes hence providing high quality and cost effective care. Acquisition has furthered broadens the scope of services that the corporation offers to hospital partners. Brand portfolio on the other hand is the major weakness of Mednax Company. The company is operating under multiple varied brands, services and companies. Operating such numerous different is not an easy task and is a major weakness in the corporation. It should therefore employ highly experienced and talented physicians in the different sectors to ensure effective delivery of medical
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