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ABSTRACT For our course of Marketing Management we were supposed to make a case study. The Medora of London Pvt. Ltd case study aims to highlight the problems being faced by Medora related to their sales of cosmetics products due to an improper marketing plan and not integrating their marketing P’s properly. Medora of London Cosmetics Medora is a brand of cosmetics which at a time was the most successful. Every household had one product from Medora’s portfolio in their house be it lipsticks, nail colors or another makeup product. This was one brand whose presence was strong in the years gone by. Medora was used by not only our grandmothers but also by our mothers but something happened during the past 10 years -------gradually and gradually its presence has minimized. The question which comes to one’s mind is how such a big name has lost its market position? Keeping this question in mind we…show more content…
It is a good quality brand that is made from safe and halal ingredients. They do not use harmful chemicals like toluene and DBP in their formula. The packaging is still the same as it was initially not much change has been seen. For e.g. the shape and design of the bottles for Nail colors are transparent bottles with the 9ml and 11ml bottles having black caps and the 11ml bottle has two golden ribbons on the cap. The 16 ml bottle has a golden cap. The lipsticks are available in tubes of dark gray to a charcoal colour with golden ribbons on the top, bottom and middle. They are available in three categories matte, glossy and glitter with their codes attached in the bottom. The prices of the products are quite low priced since they are targeting the lower and middle classes. The products are distributed through their distributors and are available in departmental stores like Imtiaz and Naheed and Mota’s and also in the cosmetic shops in markets like Jama, Bohri Bazaar, Tariq road, Hyderi

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