Medulla Oblongata Research Paper

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*USING THE BEST PART OF THE BRAIN IN LEARNING* There are three (3) major parts of the brain which control your effectiveness in learning. Understanding them and how they work may help your learning ability. 1. THE MEDULLA OBLONGATA. Medulla Oblongata is otherwise known as PRIMITIVE BRAIN or BRAIN STEM. This part of the brain controls the involuntary actions in one's body system such as heartbeat, sleep, breathing etc. ![image]( FUNCTIONS OF MEDULLA OBLONGATA: *Medulla Oblongata is a part of brain that react to stress and danger* *It is a part of the brain that gets your muscles ready for action whenever you are frightened or offended* *This part of brain also fights for your right whenever tries to cheat you* ![image]( Structure of medulla oblongata. Most of those reactions you take unconsciously are under the control of your medulla Oblongata. E.g when you are worried or frightened, the endocrine system in your body sends out a chemical called ADRENALINE to this part of the brain to increase the rate of your heartbeat and strengthen your muscles for action but unfortunately, this reaction by medulla oblongata, usually shuts down the thinking part of our brain and our thinking can become blank at that point and one can no longer think…show more content…
The right side of the brain is what you apply when you just look through the table of contents, flip through the pages hurriedly and just look at the headings in the pages all in the effort to get the overview of what the book is saying. On the other hand, you apply the left side of the brain when you rather try go through each page in details trying to get the sentences and see every word in that page. The right side of the brain is satisfied with getting the pattern and format while the left side of the brain tries to find out much more

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