Medusa Legend The Jersey Devil

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In the days of Gods, and Heroes there lived a golden-haired maiden by the name of Medusa, and she was the priestess of Athena. She had taken a vow of celibacy, which, according to Webster’s, is the act of sustaining from marriage and sexual relations, until Poseidon had decided to woo her. Medusa broke her vow when she fell in love with Poseidon, angered at what Medusa had done Athena decided to punish Medusa. Slowly each lock of golden-hair turned into a venomous snake, her eyes turned to orbs and any that looked directly into them was turned to stone, and lastly her skin took on a greenish-tint. Upon discovering what she now looked like Medusa fled from home ending up in Africa. While walking through Africa snakes began to fall from Medusa’s head; she is the reason there are venomous snakes in Africa. Eventually death came to meet her in the form of the hero Perseus. After he had cut off her head a beautiful, winged horse named Pegasus sprang from her neck. Of course, monsters aren’t exclusive to Greece, monsters are belived all around the world. In America many people believe in the Jersey Devil. According to legend the Jersey Devil was born in 1735 to Mother Leads; it was her her 13th pregancy and upon learning of her pregancy Leeds threw her hands up to the sky and decalred “Let this one be the devil!”…show more content…
According to John Edgar Browing, with a PhD in the Department of American Studies, “Vampires and monsters-they’re just us. They’re what we aspire to be, what we’re told to hate most about ourselves, what we secretly yearn for, but we shouldn’t.” Adding to what Browning said monsters exists because people see some creature they do not know and decided it’s dangerous and should be feared. Whatever the case maybe monsters have always existed and will more than likely continue to
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