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Meet Facebook Mr. Nice: Summary-Response Cyber-bullying is an issue that is increasing with the rise of social medias. Posting harmful comments, laughing at someone through a video, all are examples of what our society might consider small issues but that lead people, especially teenagers to great dangers.
In the Article “Meet Facebook Mr. Nice”, Nick Bilton talks about the work of Mr. Bejar, who is the director of the engineering for the Facebook Protect and Care Team. Mr. Bejar and his team are focused on promoting empathy among the users of Facebook, which the author qualifies a very difficult and important task. Indeed, the author states that a high percentage of young adults in the United States testified that they either have been cyber-bullied or seen someone being bullied. According to Mr. Bejar, people were used to use social clues, such as facial expressions or the
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Many people, as the author mentions, have experienced cyber-bullying and a lot of young people are not aware of the harm that they are causing by bullying someone, until the situations becomes very serious, almost irretrievable. The case of Jessica Logan, a high school senior who committed suicide after sending nude pictures of herself to her boyfriend is a typical scenario within our youth. After they broke up, the boyfriend posted nude pictures of Jessica on the Internet and she was harassed and called horrible names by other students at school. She committed suicide after attending the funeral of a boy who committed suicide. A lot of times, teenagers are not aware of the harm they are causing to others, even when clearly being told so. Therefore, I think it is really important to inform the youth about the dangers and to talk to teenagers about different cases that have happened in the past because of inappropriate posts or

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