Meet Josh Bell: Poem Analysis

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Ponder the thought of being the athlete that is so dedicated to your sport that you send your best friend to the hospital.? Meet Josh Bell. Let me set the stage for you, it is a very heated basketball game, Josh Bell makes a pass with so much authority behind it to his twin brother, JB, in which it then slipped through his hands and broke his nose, sending him to the hospital. Josh had felt many emotions in all of his 12 years. He had been frightened at the thought of his dad passing, because he was no longer medically stable. He was heartbroken at the thought that his brother was considering quitting basketball forever. Josh Bell felt that basketball was the only thing keeping his feet on the ground,and his head in the clouds. Josh Bell, a very young and talented basketball player, started feeling a weird sensation inside him. He then noticed very heartbroken when he heard that his brother, JB, was going to quit playing basketball for “Ms. Sweet Tea,” a.k.a his girlfriend. Just the thought of that sickened Josh. JB and Josh’s dad, Chuck Bell, was dying due to major heart attacks, and heart disease. JB decide to honor his dad by quitting the one sport that they both loved, basketball. Josh wrote this poem to Jordan after not talking to him for over two months. “Dear Jordan, without you…show more content…
He went through heartache when he broke his brother's nose. He was heartbroken when he heard that his brother was going to quit basketball for “Ms. Sweet Tea.” He was frightened because his dad was no longer medically stable and had a high chance of passing, in which he does. What was keeping his head held high? Basketball. Josh and JB later became the men of the house in replacement of their late father. JB quit basketball to show honor to his dad. Josh and JB will share their dads championship ring, because they are proud of what their dad accomplished in his short life. Read The Crossover By: Kwame
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