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Meet You in Hell Essay Meet You in Hell: Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, and the Bitter Partnership That Changed America is written by Les Standiford. Standiford is a historian and author who lives in Miami. In “Meet You in Hell”, Standiford tells the story of two men during America’s Gilded Age, Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick, who rise to be among the wealthiest men in history. Carnegie and Frick rise to power, dominating the new found Industrial Era. However, they do encounter various obstacles, among those include the Homestead Strike. According to Standiford, the Homestead Strike led to the bloodiest conflict between management and labor, also signifying the end of the Carnegie-Frick partnership.
Following the start of Ireland’s Great Potato Famine, Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish
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He includes various quotes from Carnegie and Frick, along with newspapers describing the aftermath of the strike. According to the New York World, the men who escaped left with “blood in streams rushing down the backs of their heads” (Standiford, 2005, p.177). There was no mercy shown to the Pinkerton, the strikers fulfilled as much as possible. (The Homestead Strike: Labor, Violence, and American Industry by Paul Kahan, is a book who agrees with Standiford’s argument of the Homestead Strike leading to the bloodiest battle between management and labor. Kahan states the strike was the turning point in American history that lead to the rapid decline of America’s steel unions. The Homestead Strike of 1892 by Arthur Burgoyne, agrees with Standiford’s argument about the importance of the Homestead Strike. He claims it was more than a local battle, it was the biggest battle between management and labor, watched by all over the
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