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Genius When using gas in the egg drop challenge, it spreads the amount of energy transferred from the ground to the egg. Making the energy from the ground to the egg less, because if you look closely at a balloon filled with air. When it hits the ground, the gas in the balloon spreads out inside the balloon, and then contracts back. The solid object (the egg) on top of the balloon will sink into the balloon, because it’s a solid and heavier than the gas in the balloon. Let’s say you have an egg that weighs about one pound, you have to build a sculpture that slows down something moving at 9.8 meters per second. A sculpture that can stand the energy from a one pound object falling…show more content…
Mega straws are two straws taped, the mega straws go on each edge of the pyramid. The genius behind this amazing design that came from my mind, is when it falls it will land. Without the egg (which is inside the pyramid) touching the ground, the straws are purposefully long for just that reason. The other great thing about it is, the straws go beside the egg, not directly pointing at the egg. Which means when the straws hit the ground the energy will go up through the straws, and not into the egg. I put hot glue up inside the mega straws, so if some were weak the hot glue would dry and harden making the mega straws harder to break. The great thing about gas is if you have an egg around something with gas in it, the solid (the egg) will sink into the gas. Making a protective layer of gas around the solid object, so if it falls the gas will take the energy giving it back. Which is why all shipping companies us gas balloon type things, my design takes the energy up through a solid, and brings it out the end of the solid. Not making contact with the solid, which makes my design superior over all others. Just kidding not

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