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About the Author

Robin Sharma is a Canadian author, leadership speaker, and former litigation lawyer. Sharma is considered to be one among the Top 5 Leadership Experts in the world.
He has written eleven books, some of which are: The Leader Who Had No Title, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The Saint, The Surfer And The CEO, Family Wisdom, Who Will Cry When You Die?, The Greatness Guide, and Leadership Wisdom.
His writing is inspirational, and he teaches people how to take control of their lives through his books. His eleven books have gone on to become international bestsellers. His books have been translated to almost 70 languages and have been sold in over 60 countries.
Robin received both bachelor and master of law degrees before going on to become a highly successful litigation lawyer. He is also a triathlete, a practitioner of the ancient martial art of tae kwon do, musician and a dedicated family man.

About the book
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This book gives confidence to believe on themselves and start thinking again in a positive way. It shows a way towards new beginning of life. Megaliving has the potential to make you rethink every aspect of your life through strategies and techniques to improve your mind, body and character. Robin sharma has added some Indian philosophies like yoga into this book. He added some suggestions also that one should practice meditation. He believes that meditation is a powerful stress buster, it calms your mind and

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