Megalodon: A Short Story

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In New Smyrna Beach, Florida there are three scientist, Jack, Emma, and Me that are about to find the Megalodon (I do not know if this will be my starting sentence).
“Jack and Emma lets go get the boat it I just got a text saying it’s ready,”
“ok,” Jack and Emma said. We got the boat and some crew members to help around the boat. We are heading east in the Atlantic Ocean about two miles out from shore.
“Hey Jack start throwing the fish in the water and get the seal in the water,” I said. Emma and I were getting our wetsuits on. It was about 7:30 and we were still heading east and we are about 10 miles out from shore. Emma and I decide to get into the shark cage because there were lots of Great Whites and Tiger sharks. I get all the supplies Me and Emma need like a camera, the tracker and flashlights, we then jump into the cage and they lower us down. About 5 minutes went by and there was no sign of the Megalodon, but there were no sign of any
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“I don’t know but where is the seal,” said Jack.
Jack started to reel in the rope and at the end was nothing, the seal was gone.
“ I wonder whats happening in the cage,” said Jack.
Emma was shining the light in the direction I was looking witch was complete darkness then turned it to her side. All we could see was a dark gray and white shape with lots of gaches on it or like scares. Emma and I stared in confusion then I shot it with the tracker. It was just in time because Jack decided to bring us up so we got out and rushed to the computer that had the signal finder for the tracker. The signal was going deeper and deeper and it was going 2,000 feet every 30 seconds then all of the sudden it disappears. We decide on Returning the boat and going to are labs and looking over the footage to see what we saw.
“Look it has the skin color that sharks have,” mentioned Emma.
“There are like ten thousand scars, I wonder what those are from,” wondered
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