Megalops Atlanticus Essay

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Tarpon, Atlantic (Megalops atlanticus)
Atlantic tarpon, Megalops atlanticus that belongs to the family Megalopidae is also known as the silver king and Sábalo in Spanish. Although this species has no commercial value as a food fish due to its bony flesh, it is a premier sport fish species not only because of their size but also because of their fighting spirit when hooked. When they occur in high abundance, tarpons would be of economic significance. Their average lifespan is about 50-55 years for females and 30-40 years for males. Being a prized game fish, tarpon would be present in fishing festivals. In fact, there is a special International annual tarpon Fishing Contest that is held in Tecolutla on Mexico's Costa Esmeralda. The tarpon is the official state saltwater fish of Alabama.

Distribution and habitats:
The Atlantic tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) Tarpon populate a wide variety of habitats, but are primarily found in coastal waters, bays, estuaries, mangrove-lined lagoons and rivers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, typically in tropical and subtropical regions, though it has been reported as far north as Nova Scotia and the Atlantic coast of southern France, and as far south as Argentina. They are also found throughout the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, and in the Eastern Central Pacific off Coiba Island. The species
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They have bluish-gray color on their dorsal side with very bright silvery sides and belly. Tarpon has a large and superior mouth with the lower mandible extending far beyond the upper jaw. Tarpon has very large scales with 40-48 scales along their lateral line. Tarpon possesses a swim bladder attached to their esophagus which enables them to live in oxygen-poor (hypoxic) water. Tarpon also uses its swim bladder in producing sound in the form of thumps in case of

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