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The question is to research the Megan Law based on the ideal characteristics of criminal law. Is Megan Law a good law? In my opinion, no law is perfect, but our laws are made to protect the people, for instance, politicality is the infringement of our state rules and is considered a good law. This law makes it mandatory in almost every state that sex offenders register. The law of specificity provides a strict definition of certain acts. Chapter four refers to specificity "as the scope of criminal law" (Bohm & Haley, 2014, p.97). These acts can be ruled not criminal if certain information is not proven to have been present when the crime was committed. The state rules for sex offenders that have been convicted of this crime be persecuted and their information made public. This reminds…show more content…
Sex offenders come in all status, all colors, creed, and background. But, they still have certain unalienable rights. All persons have the right to be tried in civil or criminal courts and proven guilty. This takes us to the uniformity act in our judicial system. I agree that if a person is young or old, rich or poor, black or white, the law should be enacted and due process enforced. I will repeat again; our system is not perfect. Our last act of criminal law stated is the penal sanction. This law states that all violators will receive just punishment or at least exposed to disciplinary action by the state. I believe the Megan Law can be a characteristic of all five criminal laws listed. The Megan Law states that any person convicted of a sex offense must be listed with the state. "In each state, laws require sex offenders to register with police or some other government agency when they leave prison" (Johnson, 1999, p.1). The key word is convicted. I live in the state of Tennessee. The TN law says a sex offender 's information is not private. I have the right to ask questions about suspected offenders. The Megan Kanka Law is a good law because our children are our prize

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