Megan Fox Research Paper

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Who is Megan Fox? Megan Fox is a artist that populer by being artist in movie and also model, but before we know even further about her now im going to tell how she born and when. Megan fox born in 1 6 May 1986 in Tennesesee USA, she had 2 parent but after couple year their parent has to divorced because of family problem. They broke up when Megan turn into 3 year old , but her mother married again with another man. So Megan raise with her sister , step father, and her mother, when she with family she got strictly raise by her family. When she was young she has alot of lesson like dance, singging and other stuff that her family want to, after the few lesson she try competiting in the competition that she want to try and then she one several…show more content…
In 2007 she also tried becoming a female actor in the popular movie called transformer and also she make it and also she becoming a actor for transformer movie as a female character that reach the people expectation. Enough with the background, beside her job that we want to talk about we want to talk about a serious weird habbit. Normally people have a bad habbit or weird habbiot that people doesnt know about , but in here we want to talk about that. Normally people after they take a dump in the toilet they just flush away for clean right, but as you can see that we see is that she didnt fluish her dump in the toilet i dont know why she didnt do it maybe for she doesnt like a flish her poop two times but isnt that gross. Well we know that Megan Fox she keep her dump and she didnt flush after she finished taking her dump i dont know why she do that normally people just flush down, but that her weird habbit but usually that habbit is ok for us because liek we cant change the weird habbit beside by her
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