Megan Leavey Movie Analysis

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The movie Megan Leavey was about a woman that joins the Marines to get away from her parents. She becomes a dog handler, and she gets assigned to a rather aggressive dog. After some time together, they become inseparable. Megan and her dog, Rex, get deployed. They are injured by an IED, and they are sent home for recovery. Rex gets redeployed to Afghanistan, but Megan cannot go with. I enjoyed watching this movie. By looking at the setting, mood, and conflict in Megan Leavey it is clear that the author’s purpose is to inform the audience. The setting in this film takes place in several places. When Megan and Rex are in Iraq, the mood is action packed. In Iraq, the duo get caught in a few firefights while searching for IEDs. When Megan goes home, the mood starts to become serious. Megan wants to adopt Rex, but the rules will not allow her to. She does everything in her power to get Rex home, but it is not good enough. All the while, she is having a rough time adjusting to normal life. The conflict in Megan Leavey is between Megan and the rules. Rex is deemed too aggressive to be adopted. Megan sees Rex as a war hero, not a dog, so she starts barking up every tree she can in order to be able to adopt Rex. Gunny Martin told Megan, “They're not even dogs anymore. They're warriors, and they come back with all the same issues…show more content…
This story is resolved when Megan walks onto the Yankees field with Rex. They are congratulated on their bravery. Megan looks into the crowd and sees her parents sitting in the stadium. Her parents did not have a good relationship with her, but they were there for this event. I like the ending because it wraps up all of the loose ends of the story. I would highly recommend this movie because it shows the perseverance and determination of Megan Leavey to be reunited with her battle
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