Meghan Trainor Research Paper

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Meghan Trainor is the is the 70# most popular pop star Meghan was always questioning her self on how she looked , but now she doesn 't care what other people say on how she looks because she knows she is beautiful the way she is , Meghan expressed her felling 's in a song to let little girls know they look beautiful the way they are. Life/music life before popularity Meghan Trainor was born in December 1993 , also grew up in Nantucket , Massachusetts. Meghan Trainor has inspiration for music ,but Meghan always thought she would be a song -writer not a singer.Meghan Trainor began making music by the age of 7,she wrote her first song when she was 11, in addition by the age of 14 she recorded her own piece of material ( own piece of music).
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