Mein Kampf Thesis

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Thesis: Hitler 's book helps people like Max, Hans, and Liesel in the opposite way from what the book was meant to stand for.

Max is a jew so his life if very dangerous, impecunious, and the time came that he had to move. Hans had a debt to repay so he came up with a insidious plan to help get Max to his house. Max got the book Mein Kampf to help him blend in and Max thought “ Mein Kampf of all the things to save hime”(160). Max knows that Hitler’s book supports Hitler even though he is using it to defy him. Hitler wants to kill jews but yet his book is saving one of them. This book also helped him blend in and ended up giving him a friend too. Max was able to use the book, “The remainder of Mein Kampf...Max examined each page…would
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She was very lucky to get this book and it helped her so much. The first time it helped her was when “He brought the copy of Mein Kampf...Liesel finally found the courage to ask her question.”is it good?”(217). Liesel gains confidence and a friend because of this book. This is just the starting conversation that leads to a great friendship with Max. This book is also the reason Max is at their house and meets Liesel in the first place. This book is meant to say that jews are unloved but really in this case it tells Max that he is loved by Liesel, because it brings them together. Mein Kampf also saves Liesel’s life. It also gives her courage and strength to go on. It’s all because “Max Vandenburg’s sketchbook. He said to give it to you when you were ready.”(443). Max’s sketchbook is made from the pages of Mein Kampf, so when Liesel receives it she is reminded of him and their great friendship which gives her the courage to go on and fight for what she believes in. This book saved her from the bombing because it inspired her to write about her life experiences, which caused a stronger love for reading and writing, this lead to more book stealing and defining Hitler 's antipathy for books. Also this book planted an even stronger seed that caused an even bigger revelation to Hitler’s reign being bad.

Hitler 's book is a paragon of something that is completely different than what it was meant for. For all of those characters in the book Mein Kampf helped them by defying
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