Melanotan 2 Lab Report

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MELANOTAN II PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Melanotan II is a lab synthesized peptide hormone that imitates melanocyte-stimulating hormone (a hormone that naturally occurs in the human body). Alpha-MSH (also referred to as α-MSH or alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSHs) stimulates the melanogenesis; the process by which the skin and hair darkening pigments are produced in mammals. In vitro administration of Melanotan II has been observed to have excellent portent melanotropic action. The structural name of Melanotan II is Ac-Nle-cyclo[Asp-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-Lys]-NH2. The molecular formula for Melanotan II is: C50H69N15O9 Melanotan II falls in the class of peptides hormones referred to as Melanocortins. Up to date, Melanotan II based products are not approved for use by any government drug…show more content…
The double blind and placebo controlled cross over study evaluated the degree of penile rigidity using the RigiScan over a period of six hours. In addition, a questionnaire was employed to collect data on the levels of sexual desires and any side effects. Without subjection to sexual stimulation, MT-2 was observed to bring about penile erection in 17 of the 20 male subjects. Based on these study observations, the subjects recorded an average of 41 min RigiScan tip rigidity. In respect to sexual desire, increases were reported after administration of 68% of MT-2 compared to 19% for the placebo. Commonly observed side effects following the administration of MT-2 were yawning and nausea; 12.9% of the subjects exhibited severe nausea when administered with a dose of 0.025 m/kg MT-2. The researchers concluded that MT-2 was a potent initiator of penile erection in men who were suffering from erectile dysfunction although they suggested the need for further research to evaluate the melanocortin antagonists and agonists in penile

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