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Strenght is a word that has many meanings and can be found in many ways. Melba Patillo Beals had to find strength while struggling through bullying and harrassment because she was one of the nine black members who attended central high school when it first integrated as the the first integrated school in arkansas. Protesters and white students would call her and the rest of LR9 names and tell them to go home and try to harm them. Even though they had national guards and different troops to protect them she was assigned a soldier named Danny , there were a lot of rules against protecion for the guards so there for There were many instances where their lives were in great danger. One day however, the school decided to go a day without any protection. Melba had to use the bathroom, so she went into the stall where the white girls also go. Melba thought it was strange that they did not do anything but did not take It into too much consideration that she should be cautious. People started crowding around her stall and threw flames at her and she could not escape. She was about to give up but then she remembered how Danny showed her to be a warrior through it all. She through her books…show more content…
It is kind of dumb but I worry about the meaning of life so much that that is the only thing that helps me. I then start to worry that I may never find love because I don't feel like anyone would like me because I feel like I'm not pretty. I sometimes want to die and get close to attemping to but I then remember that some people have it worse. The things that give me stsrenght are my church friends. Some of them are not the most popular and some of them go through anxiety and depression. They have put self harm on themselves for more serious reasons that I realize I am not close to having and that I am very lucky to be where I am right now as a

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