Meleis Theory Of Transition In Nursing Research

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RESEARCH PROPOSAL BASED ON QUALITATIVE RESEARCH METHOD: TRANSITION AMONG NURSES MIGRATING FROM INDIA TO IRELAND AS PART OF EMPLOYMENT USING MELEIS THEORY OF TRANSITION Introduction The concept of transition is defined in many ways and often described as "a passage from one state to another, and it is a process triggered by change" (Meleis 2010 p. 11). Transition often consists of various dynamic stages and milestones and can be defined through a process. The transition experiences develop as soon as a change is anticipated. More thinking regarding the concept of transition as a shift from one place to another resulted in linking migrating nurse to this concept of transition. The transition of a nurse…show more content…
The transitional experiences are well captured and developed using meleis theory of transition in many qualitative literature (Shin & White - Trout 2007, Mercer 2004, Gaffney 1992, Imle1990, Atwood & Imle 1988, Brouse 1988, Ancona et al. 2007, Boylstein et al. 2007, Rossen 2007, Knafl & Rossen 2007, Davies 2005, Messias 2002, Im & Meleis 1999, Jones et al. 1999, Meleis 1997, Aroian 1990, Meleis & Rogers 1987, Baird et al. 2007, Ekwall 2007, Ekman 2007, Shaul 1997, Wild 1992, Selder 1989, Christman et al. 1988). The transitional theory was proposed by Theorist Afaf Ibrahim Meleis. She is a prominent nurse sociologist, educator, theorist, and researcher that began her nursing career in her native Egypt in the 1960 's (Alligood & Tomey 2010). The transitional theory is a middle range theory which has been in development since 1960 's and it emerged from a concept to theory over many decades of research. The theory describes five essential properties like awareness, engagement, change and difference, time span, and critical points and events (Im et al. 2000 p. 17). The transition was seen as an important central concept in nursing (Meleis 1975). The transition is defined as a "process of passage from one life phase, condition or status to another" (Chick & Meleis 1986 p. 240 & Mass…show more content…
The positive impact of transitional like improved financial situation for the nurse and his/her family (Awases et al. 2004, Nowak & Preston 2001). Some of the negative impacts of transition for a migrant nurse like geographical separation from their family (Li et al. 2014), establishing a working relationships with the host nurses in a healthcare organization (Gutierrez et al. 2008, Jeon & Chenoweth 2007, Omeri2006) and also adapting to a rigorous set of occupational standards in the recipient country (Capiulo et al. 2010). Many challenges like language and cultural differences (Kingma 2006), lack of social support at an unfamiliar place (Omeri 2006), discrimination (Jeong et al. 2010, Cummins 2009, Aboderin 2007, Kingma 2006, Adams et al. 2004, Felmanet al. 2003). Migrant nurses can also suffer discrimination from the patients themselves, who will refuse treatment from a nurse due to

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