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Melissa De La Cruz Melissa De La Cruz was born in 1971 in Manila, Philippines. Her family immigrated to the U.S when she was twelve years old. In the U.S, Melissa graduated from Convent of the Sacred Heart High School and went on to studying at Columbia University where she majored in Art History and English. Once done with college, she started worked as a nanny for a while in The Hampton's. Melissa then started her career as a journalist for magazines such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Allure, and Marie Claire which later influenced a big part of her writing. Melissa knows how to capture the attention of young readers and adults. Even with all the criticism, Melissa manages to keep her style and write great books and novels.…show more content…
The characters in Melissa De La Cruz's Blue Bloods book series, have distinct, but common personalities. They relate to all types of teenagers. Melissa makes the reader believe that the characters are real. The reader can connect with Schuyler Van Alen the main character because she is an introvert. Schuyler prefers to stay at home, read a book, and listen to music. Getting into trouble is not part of her agenda and if she had to do something out of her comfort zone somebody would have to force her. Schuyler has qualities that many of teenagers these days lack which is not caring what others think of her, she prefers baggy, vintage clothes even if she goes to one of the most prestigious and expensive high schools. The characters in these novels are also kind of stereotypical which you can always see coming. For example, Schuyler has a crush on the most popular boy in school Jack and with a crush comes an evil queen bee which is Mimi. Mimi is also relatable for some girls, she has a more expensive taste and is pretty much perfect at everything, but she has her evil side. Later on, the characters just keep getting more predictable because Schuyler's best friend Oliver ends up revealing that he has a crush on Schuyler just when things started heating up between Schuyler and Jack and it all becomes one messed up love triangle. These four main characters are the epitome of teenagers these days. Melissa does a great…show more content…
Looking at her career now she has made it a long way that most authors can only dream of accomplishing. She is now busier than ever working on her sequel to Descendants and writing her new series Vampires of Manhattan which is a spin-off of Blue Bloods and her other book Heart of Dread. At the same being a wife and mother. Few people would like her books because they are kind of girly but she has a variety of books that the reader is bound to fall in love with. Her influences, reviews, and great books all have led up to a successful life for Melissa. As she continues to climb the ladder to being a successful author she will learn new things and continue to let her imagination and creativity flow whether it is in the children, young adult, or adult genre. Melissa is still pretty young and she still has plenty to write about and become an even greater more knowledgeable writer. Melissa manages to please her fans by keeping in touch with them through social media by answering their questions and keeping them updated on what she is working on. Most Recently, Melissa has paired with a famous social media star Lele Pons to create Surviving High School and just published her new book SomethinginBetween which was more of a surprise novel. Melissa's fan base and writing expertise keep on thriving as she continues with her successful yet stressful life letting her imagination thrive and

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