Melody Beattie's Codependent No More

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Codependency is a form of living that can really affect and individuals life severely. Not many persons are strong enough to realize when they are codependent to someone, something, a substance or a situation. After reading the book “Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring For Yourself,” by Melody Beattie, I started evaluating my self on some codependent characteristics. This book also made me realize the difficulty these individuals go through to go on with their lives as if they were normal. Following a small discussion of the book, I will give my opinion on this book and issue. Three major issues in this book will also be specified. This book begins by explaining and defining codependency. According to the author the individuals who are codependent tend to be too preoccupied with other persons actions and lives. Codependents always neglect themselves and worry to fix the problems of others. Its almost like they do not care of their well being. Reality is that some of these persons were once hurt or were taken advantage of, which led them to try to control their surroundings seeking to stable their own situations in the process. Instead of doing this, codependent individuals need to realize that they need to control their own lives in-order to obtain stability in their lives. As for the…show more content…
and N.A. meetings I attended this book contains many quotes from the Twelve Step model and makes many references to God and a Higher Power which may encourage many readers to use faith to change the codependency. It seems that the Twelve Steps are very important not only for those with a drug addiction, but those who struggle with some sort of compulsive action that affects their everyday lives. The author aims to let the readers acknowledge if they may have a codependency issue by giving a list of signs of codependency and tries to walk the reader through such situations by giving examples of
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