Summary: Latent Heat Of Fusion

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is the changes of substances or molecule from a solid state to a liquid state. Another words for melting are latent heat of fusion. When heat is transferred, the temperature will rise or fall typically. But there are also cases that heat does not change at all when heat is transferred. So this type of heat is called latent heat (Figura and Teixeira, 2007). So latent heat of fusion is also the enthalpy of fusion of a substances and molecule, or in another words is the changes of enthalpy of a substances or molecule when it starts to melt. The solid phase has a lower internal energy than the liquid phase, so energy is needed for a solid to melt into liquid (, 2016). Phase transition is used to describe substance changes from…show more content…
Melting point can be affected by many other factors. Different types of food will have different melting points. The size of the substances or molecules and also the attraction forces between substances or molecules are the factors which can affect the melting points. Some food must have high melting point whereas some must have low melting point, depends on the food itself. For example, the melting point of chocolate does not have a fixed value. There are many factors which can affect the melting point of the chocolate. Tempering is a process use to control the crystallisation of the cocoa butter in order to achieve a best melting point. This is very important because cocoa butter can crystallise in different forms which can affect the melting point of the chocolate. So the best melting point for chocolate is around 34-37 Degree Celsius, which is our body temperature in order to get the chocolate to melt in the mouth but not during the handling of the chocolate (,…show more content…
It measures the flow of heat in the phase transitions. It is used widely in most of the industry include foods, agriculture and etc. If the samples tested undergoes endothermic process which absorb energy, the temperature of the sample pan will decrease, so more amount of heat is required to ensure the temperature to reach equilibrium. This extra amount of heat is same as the amount of heart absorbed in endothermic process (Figura and Teixeira, 2007). (, 2016) The peak is associated with the onset temperature, which the substances starts to melt. The area under the peak is the enthalpy of the phase transition. So the enthalpy or the changes is equal to the heat supplied by the system (Figura and Teixeira, 2007). In conclusion, melting is the latent heat of fusion and also the phase transition of the substances from solid state to liquid state. Melting point is very important in foods because it affect directly the quality, taste and also appearance of
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