Memes In Susan Blackmore's Essay 'Strange Creature'

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There has been a time where corruption and manipulating one another wasn’t a fun hobby to do. However, as time has passed we have seen that the power of memes has exploited a lot of people into such a besmirched way. In Susan Blackmore’s essay “Strange Creature”, memes are parasites that jump from host to host spreading ideas. In Naomi Klein’s essay “Fences of Enclosure, Windows of Possibility”, corporates privatized public resources as private profit making it difficult for the less fortunate. The spreading of memes has limited our society to have fences and restrictions, making us believe if we do not follow what has been copied into our minds then there will be repercussions that we will have to deal with. The repercussions would be letting…show more content…
Memes control the decisions that we make in our lives on a daily basis. Although there are some good means and some harmless meme. They are still taking ideas from one person and giving it to the other. “This ‘something’ can then be passed on again, and again, and so take on a life of its own.” (Blackmore 34) The memes take away our ability to make our own decisions making it easy for harmful memes to leave the same impression as the harmless memes. “The image came up again and again: barriers separating people from previously public resources” (Klein 195) Corporations have taken it up themselves to limit our resources from the people that need it the most. The harmful memes have been spread more so throughout people than the harmless ones. Thus giving us, the tycoons that run these expensive corporations making natural resources like food and water, a hassle to get. “On the more modern ‘genes eye view’, evolution may appear to proceed in the interest of the individual, or for the good of the species, but in fact it is all driven by the competition between genes.” (Blackmore 35) All of these corporations that compete to exploit people for their money are only interested in profit. They do not care about the needs of others but only the needs of the company and themselves. Restricting the public resources that we need is not just taking advantage of these people but tossing them aside, demeaning them as not even human beings. It makes everyone wonder if they have a conscious or where they have learned all of these horrible
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