Memo Paris In The Natural

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Through the reading of the book, The Natural, the character of the protagonist (Roy Hobbs) has a surreal change when undergoing different and challenging circumstances that are seen through examples of Memo Paris as well as through Iris Lemon. While going through this book carefully while analyzing the context presented, a reader can see that Roy Hobbs faces much difficulty with the overcoming of the Seven Deadly Sins throughout his journey to become "one of the greats." Each of the seven deadly sins (Wrath, Lust, Greed, Envy, Pride, Sloth, and Gluttony) can be directly intertwined with mainly one woman, Memo Paris. Through her devious ways of forcing Roy to become lustful with her, Memo manipulates the once innocent mind of Hobbs to invoke the deadly ways in which Roy is eventually crushed down by. As foreseen throughout Roy's lifetime, the unrelenting grasp of three main of the seven deadly sins (lust, pride, and wrath) plague Roy till realization is come upon him. As seen with the poisonous yet attractive Memo Paris, the mind of Roy is quickly addicted and will not stop to realize that there is so much more good with Iris Lemon (whose child is of Roy.) Though Roy tries to resist Memo, he still lingers on to…show more content…
The sense of Roy's pride is ubiquitous throughout the reading as seen when a day of honor "Roy's Day" is seen being held upon in honor of Roy. The fans of Roy bring forth thousands of presents to Roy, some quite lavish, including televisions, lifetime passes to the Paramount Theater, and even a Mercedes-Benz. Their contributions allow Roy to show his prideful and "great statement" by pronouncing that he will be "the greatest there ever was in the game." (251) His pride of his ability is greatly attributed to his bat, Wonderboy. This will eventually become his downfall as the bat breaks during Roy's possibly final match of his
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