Memoir Of My Nana

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Memoir of my Nana We played games, lots of games. It seemed to be my favorite activity when visiting my grandparents. As a six-year-old, my Nana seemed like the coolest grandparent ever. I suppose in a way playing these long games of Yahtzee or Sorry resulted in the strong bond that remains between us today. Nana was alert and always on the go to serve people far and wide. These childhood experiences shape the person who we become in the future. Although everyone is their own unique individual, other people who come into our lives whether for a minute or for a lifetime make some type of impression on us. Impressions can be learning experiences both good and bad; something we either want to mimic or steer ourselves away from. Through this memoir, I hope to expound upon the virtues that I gained from my Nana by retelling the stories of times spent with her. Warm air whipped around us as the car whizzed down a Mississippi highway destined for a beach on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. The van which contained my other siblings was filled to the brim with people, toys, and clothing. Hence the result was that I was allowed to ride with my grandparents. Games of Old Maid filled our journey. Though it may seem that games were a primary factor in our relationship, the case is not such. Nana played games with me because she knew that I enjoyed them and this was a prime way to spend quality time together. On the 8-hour ride, I also had several substantial conversations with Nana

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