Memoir: What It Means To Be An Immigrant

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How to write a memoir it’s your story so write the way u speak .the author is talking about how it was being him as a little boy. The boy expressed his way of speaking also the way of being himself. In his story he talks about what he wants to talk about. He shares his child hood memories and turns it in to a story in. The boy talks about how it was for him and how his mom was with him his mom was nice and sometimes mean. His life was good but the boy needed more discipline and needed to listen more. He always found something to do wither it was go outside go walking in the streets or riding that rusty bike. Be your self – the way the boy is being himself in the story is he does his own thing he does not worry about no one else the boy loves to express his…show more content…
drake or mom .he would hurt his moms feelings when he would not listen to her like when she told him not to cross the street he did it any 3, 4, 5, 6, 10,. So that is how the author is not scared to put action or let the characters speak this story there is lots of figurative langue and poetry. This story has a lot of things to do with speaking freely he would be mean to his mom but it was ok. There were lots of things his mom told him not to do like don’t play with matches in the weeds don’t climb don’t eat raw bacon but they weren’t very good listeners. He was scared top cross the street but not scared to turn back but he would get a spanking if his mom caught him he was a bad kid Tell your own story-so what the author is doing is he is talking about the boy’s child hood in California. He is talking about his moments from his child the story the boy Gary expresses his moments of his life .and make it in to a good
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