The Relationship In Elizabeth Sera's 'Memoirs Of A Mother'

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“An exploration of the presentation of the impact of mistreatment on peoples attitude and personality through “Elizabeth Sera” in Memoirs Of A mother, by Ayeta Anne Wangusa”

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Onyango and Edna supported Elizabeth Sera through the rough times. Her own family abandoned her seeing that she was supposed to wait till marriage to have children and take on the responsibility of a mother. Isaac Masaaba, the father of Elizabeth Sera’s future baby neglected her as a consequence of him being irresponsible and not having the right funds to support the baby’s future. Since the publication of “Memoirs Of A Mother” in 1998, the book has portrayed worldwide problems that have had a bigger impact on how the new generations have been treated through their lives. Problems occurring have varied from teen sexual intercourses to children being made orphans and not being given much care. Elizabeth Sera has it the rough way as she tries to fit into the society that she currently is surrounded by, while simultaneously trying to give meaning to her life and trying to approach everything in the correct manner. Over the course of the novel, we see Elizabeth Sera going from the worst of situations to the best of situation. Masaaba refuses to become a father, and everything goes downhill for Sera, she went from being employed at a African Merchandise store to being hired by the civil services and affording her own house maid. I will try to examine the impact of mistreatment through three different approaches; setting, character and theme, each one having a different discussion attached to it allowing for a deeper observation to be extracted from the novel “Memoirs Of A Mother.” I hope that by the end of this essay I will be able to make some conclusions on how the author has presented the impacts of mistreatment in Elizabeth Sera’s
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