Memorable Character Uncle Ralph In The Warriors By Anna Lee Walters

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Memorable Characters
What makes a character memorable? A memorable character is a strong, generous, caring, and independent person in a story, and is someone that everyone can remember at the top of one's head. A character becomes memorable when they do something important or outgoing that reminds the reader of their noble characteristics. In the story “The Warriors” by Anna Lee Walters, the memorable character Uncle Ralph is a man who enjoys teaching his nieces about Pawnee culture and brings meat when he comes over to show respect. He likes to keep his Pawnee tradition and hopes his nieces will too, so he helps them learn a few words. Throughout the story, Uncle Ralph begins to drink alcohol, causing him problems with his family. His sister, undoubtedly kicks him out of her house, telling him he needs to recover to be able and come back to visit. As a result of this, he becomes a hobo. The author brings Uncle Ralph to life by showing his strengths, weaknesses, and background pride.
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Uncle Ralph supports his family by bringing meat to his sister and teaching Pawnee words when he comes over to visit his nieces and sister. “He taught us some more Pawnee words that night” (24). Uncle Ralph's goal is to teach his nieces the Pawnee ways, and for them to keep Pawnee language with them as they grow in the future. He wants them to keep the culture in their lives because one should be proud of their origins. In conclusion, the author made Uncle Ralph great characteristics because he wanted to show the worthiness strengths of one
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