Memorable Day Essay: A Memorable Day In My Life

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A memorable day I my life is when I first found out I was a diabetic. I was scared and didn’t really understand what was happening. I was too sick, and for the most part out of my mind. But, what I do remember is a lot of pain and a few visitors. It wasn’t the best day and I don’t remember every detail. But I remember enough.

It all started when I was in elementary school. I was in the sixth grade. It was early in the morning, and my stomach was acting up. I used to fake and pretend like I wasn’t feeling good so I could stay home. But this time it was real. So I called my mom to ask if it was ok to walk home, she said no. She told me to try to make it to lunch, and that I was probably just hungry. She was tired of me skipping school. So I waited and waited until lunch came. The whole time I sat in class holding my stomach with my head down. I begged my teacher to let me use the phone, but she was told that I wasn’t allowed. Finally lunch was here, and I couldn’t wait to feel better. I was very, very, very thirsty! I drank lots of chocolate milk, and barely ate. I was feeling better for the moment, but that didn’t last long. About fifteen minutes later I was even worse. I somehow got back to class and fell into my seat. My stomach twisted and pinched. I ask the teacher again to use her phone but she said no. When I told her I was going to throw up she still told me no. I couldn’t take the pain and I felt too sick. I threw up on the floor. I could barely move. I

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