Memorable Day Essay: My First Day In University

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Life treats everyone with different things, experiences and memories. Some of which are as sweet as sugar and some are as bitter as hemlock. Everyone carries a collection of reminiscences, events and moments with them. It is part of life. There are few things and incidents that kept in our mind for lifetime. Everyone has a memorable day, which not only gives them pleasure but they also cherish them whenever they recall. The memorable day is different from person to person. Similarly I also have many memories but the one which makes me happy is my first day in university. First day in a university is always very exciting because of the new environment, new people and obviously the new educational system. Therefore, I still feel the day very much and miss it. I have memories of many things happened in that single day. Beginning from the night before, I still remember I couldn’t slept that night properly. I was not feeling excited only but also nervous as well and was eagerly waiting…show more content…
Maybe it was something in my heart and mind that makes it more pleasing. I woke up and literally spend half hour in front of my wardrobe deciding what to wear. Thinking of that makes me laugh still. Finally I wore one of my favorite dress which my father gifted me on my last birthday. I don’t know maybe I chose that dress because I had some lovely feelings attached with it. After sometime, I along with my parents left the house for university. I was happy, impassioned and anxious to get enter and to find out how it feels to live your dream. The university I was getting into was one of my dream that came true on that day. Excitement was on its peak and adrenaline was flowing through me intensely. I was thrilled as well as slightly nervous regarding the new environment and even a little sad that my previous friends and class fellows were no longer my class fellows now, but that is just a life as old people leave so that new are being

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