Memorable Day Essay: My Most Memorable Day In My Life

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Life brings its ups and its downs, I can truly say my most memorable day would be April 12, 2000. I was 12 years old in middle school in my home town Portage, Wisconsin. I hear the classroom phone ring and my name brought up my teacher hangs up the phone and says “Jada you need to go down to the office your mother is here and needs to speak to you!” So I get out of my chair and rush to the office wondering what was going on and why my mother couldn’t wait until after school to talk to me? So many thoughts were running threw my head. I reach the office and see my mother standing there with my school principal crying. I walk in and my mom starts hugging me and crying. I keep asking what’s wrong and the principal says “Let’s go into my office Jada!” At that point I was scared I knew something was wrong. As we walked to the principal’s office I knew I was going to get bad…show more content…
I really didn’t want to talk to anyone I just wanted to be alone but was happy I had friends that cared. I will never forget going to my dad’s funeral his family didn’t like me so I felt like I didn’t belong at my own father’s funeral. Along with the hurt and anger I felt so empty and sad wondering if he knew I loved him. The last time I talked to my dad I told him I hated him because I was mad. I will never tell anyone I hate them ever again because you never know when someone is going to pass away and you will never see them again. I stood there looking at my dad wishing I could of told him how much I really do love him and that I didn’t mean
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