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As long as there have been movies, there have been movie critics. Whether we realize it or not, we have all been a movie critic at one point in our lives- whether it was through recommending a movie to a friend or co-worker or by posting a scathing review of a movie on social media. Movies are an artform, and while art is up for interpretation, there exist common elements among films that can be recognized as being utilized properly or improperly. The elements of film include: storytelling which is the very foundation on which a movie is built, acting which decides the fate of the movie’s ability to amuse, character which entices the audience, script or lack-there-of which creates memorable lines, timing which creates memorable moments, and the aesthetics such as sound and visuals that astound the audience. Here we will further explore the seven elements that, if used to their full potential, can make an astounding movie and answer the age old question “What makes a movie memorable?”
Much like any form of media meant to entertain, a movie comes from a story. A movie is only as strong as the story carrying it, and without effective
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If one were to decide that they wanted to create a film, they would have to remember these key elements and then some. Effective storytelling is the prime ingredient to any project meant to entertain. The ability to make calculated decisions on how every part of the film should be presented is the most important thing one can possess, as this can lead to the creation of an iconic movie as well as iconic scenes. Even with these key elements mastered, there is no guarantee that everyone will enjoy the final product, because after all- art is up for interpretation. No one person will see the significance of a scene the same as another person will, but with a dedicated and skilled mind one can create a film that will be remembered in a positive light by the

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