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All teenagers have parents.Whether it’s a mother, a father, or a guardian, they are the people we can always rely on. Both my mother and father have been a significant part of my sixteen years of life. However, it feels as though my mom is the only one fulfilling her parental duties and showering me with love and support. My dad, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. As surprising as it sounds, he acted more like an acquaintance than a family member. As my dad became increasingly uninvolved with the family, I began to fill his absence. Because of his irresponsibility, I gained responsibility. I stopped waiting for my dad to realize his wrongdoings and concentrated on changing my outlook on life instead. Although I have decided to focus on myself, I haven’t given up on him because he is still my dad after all.
Despite seeing each other everyday, my dad and I
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I was always told that you should always have a reason to wake up everyday. My dad’s reason was purely due to his addiction. He would go to work and then spend the rest of the day at the casino after work. On the days he lost money, he would sleep. Although my dad was physically present, he was not mentally. His behavior had a negative effect on everyone in the family, but I knew that my mom was the one who suffered the most. I admire her for her endurance and patience, which is why I can depend on her. I remembered innocently asking my mom one day, “Why don’t you ever yell at Dad to stop going gambling so he can start spending more time with us?” She calmly replied, “Your dad will not listen to me, which is why you need to continue to work hard. You are still young right now, but when you grow up and become responsible, Dad will listen to you out of respect.” Those words stuck with me and they still do to this day. It pushed my urge to want to change my dad for the better. I could be the person that finally gives my dad a wake-up
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