A Memorable Time In My Life Analysis

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A Memorable Time In Your Life

As a child As a child growing up my life would have seemed a bore or sad compared to most kids. My routine was simple: Wake up, get ready, go to school, and come home within a certain amount of time. Not that interesting, right? Well my parents weren’t the type of people to help you gain different views or experiences, besides maybe the amount of hate that grew from punishment. Though from all of this I grew to love dreaming, researching, and planning. Yes, I know most would still consider that mundane or drab, but to me it opened up many possibilities. Which began in my middle school years.
I hated my current life with a passion. I hated everything from my school to my home itself, but for that I’m thankful. It all started with my family wanting to move. It gave me a certain adrenaline, which was rare for me. This made me think about all the possibilities that would come with a new house. It led me from thinking what my future home would be like, to dreaming of my vacation home, and eventually it led me on towards my career or in this case, careers. This got the ball rolling and it hasn’t stopped since. I was young, not brainless. I have never dreamed without reality somewhere nearby.
This caused me to delve into a little researching. I would research everything under the sun on how I could turn my dreams into reality.
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So that one day I could turn my dreams into reality. I researched various topics ranging from, different types of places to live to running my own businesses. I researched to the point my brain would occasionally fume, though I never stopped for more than an occasional break. In return, this has led me to develop many new interests. With all the information I was gaining, I started to form a plan. I kept it detailed, yet loose enough to where I could make minor changes and have kept it ever
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