Memorial Day Camping Experience

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Have you ever gone on a camping trip with your friends and family? Did you have good memories you will remember forever? What were your favorite parts about your trip? My annual Memorial day weekend camping trip allowed me to experience these and more. From skipping rocks in the Upper Iowa River and beating down a tree with a bone to hiking to the Coldwater Creek, Memorial day camping is always a trip to remember. The morning of Memorial Day, 2017 started with panic as excitement and anxiety rushed through my veins. I laced my boots and grabbed my army backpack before packing my stuff into the car. Before leaving I hastily grabbed something to eat and ran outside to pack my things. When I jumped in the car I caught the smell of fresh pine…show more content…
I put my hands on the tree pushing with all of my strength until I became lightheaded. The wood on the tree crumbled under my hands as I stopped, which gave me an idea. We searched the area for something like a large stick or rock, but we ended up with a cow bone. I took the bone delivering a swing to the base of the trunk. Dust immediately rushed into my face and my eyes began to water. In retaliation I swung at the trunk, taking out blocky chunks with each hit. When the dust settled, I picked up a piece of the dead wood. It was weightless in my hands, feeling more like styrofoam. I let Michael take a couple of swings until the top of the tree started to sway. Like a surprise attack a loud defending crack came from the base of the tree and it began to fall. The tree spurred up more dust making it hard to see as it hit and laid on the ground defeated. A sense of accomplishment rushed over me as I looked for Michael to give him a high-five. We eagerly walked back to the camp with our trophy bone in my hand to tell the rest of the group about what occurred. After telling our story, we found a perfect place for our trophy in a crevice of a tree

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