Memorial Day Short Story

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class in silence. My eyes to the ground not wanting to look at anyone. My face streaked with tears. No one bothers me. Its memorial day. No one bothers anyone. The constant chatter that usually fills the halls are gone, only silent muttering about the memorial today. Something runs through my mind. Why? Why do they take them? Why take my nothing brother? He was a C grade student and meant nothing to the world. He had depression. More importantly he was loved. I loved him no matter what. I know I will never see him or Celeste again. Once you 're taken you are gone. Never to be found again. Not even to be mentioned by anyone after memorial day. They will mean nothing to anyone now. Not even me. Its an unspoken law. Never even ever speak of the taken ones, remember them but never speak their names.…show more content…
I slowly walk to my bedroom still carrying my school bag on my back. I open the door and see that everything is undisturbed except a small piece of paper on my floor. It looks as if it was slipped under my door in a hurry. I pick it up and sit down on my bed; facing the window. Opening the paper I see one of the words 'Love '. Dear Ash, I 'm sorry to say that they have found us out. I knew it was going to happen. I should have told you it might happen sooner or later. I didn 't want you to end up like us. You 're beautiful. Live your life. Don 't ask questions, the whole truth is worse than anyone would have ever thought. We love you. Don 't ever forget that. Find someone nice and get married. Have some kids. Remember us okay? No matter what anyone says about forgetting us. Don 't forget us. Please, don 't forget us. I 'll miss you. Love your dear mother. I wish she wrote more. I wish I could turn back time. I wish this never existed. I think its time I had better explain what our society is about. Its about learning, love and living. We aren 't supposed to ask questions beyond school and our family about them. Who would though? They seem scary. "Why?"
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