Memorial Hospice Reporting Case Study

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The reporting party (RP) stated on 8/1/15 as she was assisting a Memorial Hospice patient shower she heard the front door alarm sound. The RP stated a staff person (Abundio Serenio) was assisting with the shower at the time of the incident. The RP stated she heard the sound of running footsteps and a woman 's voice screaming she wanted to leave, she had to get out of here. The RP stated she heard the staff call out the name "Claire" during the incident. The RP stated she finished assisting with the shower and went to the hallway and observed "Claire" running towards her saying "Chris" kicked her. The RP stated "Chris" is the administrator at the facility. The resident 's left leg was observed to be bleeding from the knee. Officer Nicholas Jax (SD1637) made a visit to the facility on 8/8/15…show more content…
The Officer returned to the facility and spoke with the manager 'Chris" who initially stated he could not recall the event mentioned however after the Officer interviewed the staff person (Abundio) the manager was able to recall an incident involving 86 year old resident Gloria Jassen 's attempt to leave the facility. According to the Officer the manager remembered Gloria bleeding form her leg. The manager disclosed to the Officer that Gloria has skin cancer that causes several lesions on her legs. Furthermore the manager revealed that Gloria has a history of kicking him as well as other staff members. The manager subsequently revealed that Gloria 's family is aware of her attempts to leave the facility. The manager denied having kicked or strike Gloria in any way. The Officer made an attempt to interview Gloria but was unable to obtain information due to her mental deterioration. Gloria was able to understand the concern regarding the injuries to her legs and pulled up her pants legs to reveal them to the Officer. The Officer observed one large lesion around 3 inches by 2 inches. The Officer stated Gloria 's left leg was bandage however he was able to take a photo of both

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