Memorial Persuasive Speech

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Thesis: When you think of memorials, what do you think of? Maybe the large Washington monuments, or Mount Rushmore come to mind. Well, lets honestly think about what a monument is. Something built to keep the memory of something, or someone alive. Just as a gravestone does, or a plaque, or a picture of a loved one on social media. So why is it that, these giants of men get memorials so large? I don 't know. So lets just talk about memorials and how I feel about them. Memorializing can be great, or if done the wrong way, horrible. Support 1: When we look at one of the greatest monuments, known as Crazy Horse, we see one that may have gone to far. Now before you say i 'm a racist or anything, I do not disagree with the purpose of Crazy Horse, I disagree with how this was started and carried out. Just as source C stated, "A sculptor, Korczak Ziolkowski, worked at it alone for more than 30 years," one man stated this project. The fact that one man was trying…show more content…
Just as before in the former paragraph, if no one wants the gash darn thing don 't build it. This monument goes into an entirely new category for the sheer fact of, it was being built by someone who didn 't care. Just as source F stated, "The sculpture was supposed to be cast in bronze and made part of the Maine exhibit at the 1939 New York World 's Fair. But Maine ran out of money, so the artist just slapped a coat of bronze paint over the plaster model and shipped it to New York." So one guy is creating this sculptor, for New York, from Maine. Once he runs out of money, he gives up and just paints the thing. Does this sound like someone who wanted to make this sculptor? No, this guy just said, "oops no more money, well, i 'm done." and moved on with his life. So this is twice we have had it so, one group of people want it, and others don 't give a damn, so don 't build
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