Memorial Quilt Reflection

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One of the events I attended was the crime victim’s memorial quilt. They started to quilt in 1994 by the probation department's crime victim assistance center. The quilt is a tribute to the national crime victims’ rights week. Every year they add on patches of people that have lost their lives due to violent crimes in Fresno County. This year they added nine new patches to the quilt, which makes the quilt have 490 patches that is dedicated to victims who have lost their lives. Each of the patches is made by their loved ones. Each patch was very different and you could see the personality spilling out of each of the patches. The ceremony was very beautiful also a little sad when the family members would go up and talk about their loved ones. There was not a dry eye in the room when they talked about the…show more content…
I think the most powerful way that a person can say what they're feeling and also help their case is the impact statement. It really shows the motion that the person is going through at the time and it makes you feel what they are feeling. When the woman was reading her impact statement I can see the emotion in her eyes and her words of how she felt the day she found out her son was killed in a drive-by shooting. The quilt brings awareness of the lasting impact of crime upon its victims, families, friends, and our community. It brings us together as a community to show us and open up our eyes on what is going on not only in Fresno but all around the world. It kind of brings us together no way by remembering I loved ones and putting out awareness so it doesn't happen to others. It was a very beautiful ceremony that I didn't know existed until this year but I will definitely be attending two years to come. I hope that the numbers of victims that were loss go down because is a
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