Memorial Service Experience

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The experience I want to work for this paper is that of co-administering at a memorial service for an individual from the congregation where I am serving as an intern. I was given the assignment of doing all the formality at the burial service. Amidst the administration the minister passed me a note and inquired as to whether I needed to go to the grave site (Dave, 2013). I hadn't anticipated that additional time, yet I thought this was a decent learning opportunity with somebody more experienced next to me, so I did go to the grave side. The administration there was short as it was drizzling, and my part there was to peruse sacred writing - Psalm 139 specifically. This was service in that there were numerous grieving loved ones individuals,…show more content…
It was a chance to witness to the restoration and offer in the festival of the life of the expired church member.
My sentiments about this service assignment where everywhere. I was amped up for having this chance to direct at the burial service, and feeling odd that I was energised. One should be tragic at the possibility of a burial service. Yet, I determined this irregular feeling by understanding that the perished was in a far superior place, her agony was over, and the burial service could be a festival of life. What's more, I was exceptionally grateful for the chance to take an interest, to experience all the required ceremony and convention of a burial service and grave side administration with somebody in that spot with me (Stringer, 2015). I was additionally somewhat stressed that I may get all tore up or something, especially when they chose to leave the coffin open for the memorial service. Presbyterian idea state that the coffin be shut for the burial service, as the memorial service is a worship administration where God is to be celebrated, not the expired. In any case, I immediately understood that the burial service is for the family and companions, and in the event that it was soothing to them to have the coffin open, well, whatever was best, was the
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I came to the understanding that death is significant and bound to come for all of us. The only thing that we as individuals can do is spread the word of God and be able to make sense of things that are new to us. Being in the ministry placement of Parroquia Matriz de San Marcos Evangelista, I came to understand that being part of the church and doing church work brought me a kind of peace that was not possible before. This allowed me to have the thinking that there is no harm in opening to new challenges and trying to understand them in a better way. It is through challenges that I will understand how Church work is done and be able to make myself better at
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