Memories In The Past

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The past and present, failure and success are valuable lessons that we, human being might have to experience during our lifetime. However, how people react to their memories and turn them to their own understanding in present depending on their perspective and ethical knowledge. Some people decide to live in the present and relinquish the past. On the contrary, others accept their old memories as an undeniable connection between the past and present. As far as I am concerned, I believe that the history became a part of our inevitable subconscious that boost people to achieve more success.
There are some admissible reasons allowing us to leave the past behind. We should first recognize that sorrowful memories would be a hurdle preventing people from moving toward to the future. Those people are afraid to face their own psychological pain that ruin their self-esteem and personal images. To
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Learning from mistakes in the past to sharpen the human’s ability to think outside the box and come up with insightful evaluation. Therefore, the capacity to handle more effectively could save us a ton of time and reduce noticeably the loss and failure in some particular difficulties. This ability guides people to a greater and greater level of success. A thousand time experiments of Thomas Edison were a thousand steps of light bulb invention. “Failure is not always bad” (Amy C. Edmondson strategies for learning from failure, the April 2011 issue) if failure is defined positively and perceptively, the fallibility is possibly accepted as opportunities for people to increase their maturity and liberate themself from the fear of failure. Those experiences could be turned into motivation and background knowledge that drive people to the further more successfully and

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