Memories Of Childhood

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My childhood was one of the most beautiful adventures I could have had in all my life; since I was small my daily dream was to play with my friends, with them grew up until the age of 17, I remember at age 6 years my mother and my father used to play with me because I did not have friends who play, they bought me toys such as: cars, motorbikes and etc. Once my mother went to visit a friend, I remember that she had 2 children one was called Edys and another Julio , these two children had lots of toys and I had nothing compared to them. I remember that they seemed to be selfish because they were children of rich parents; they had toys brand, bicycles, trucks remote control etc. When I come to the house of these children, they took all their toys…show more content…
To be honest I always was a conformist child because I was always happy with the little that my parents bought me, I never forced my parents to buy the best toys because they did not have enough money for buying me them, I remember that when my parents said me, son goes to take a shower because we are going to go out, I remember that when we were walking on the street I always said mom or dad look at that toy it would be nice, but they had told me just look at and not to ask for it, so I can say that I was a humble child that was conformist with the little they gave me, my mother was a seamstress, she usually used to make different types of clothing, when her customers came home, they always used to bring their children, so I always felt very shy in this aspect because sometimes came children that they liked to fight with me, I was always a child well behaved and polite, once I met a friend who was called Peter, he became one of my best friends from my childhood, I remember that whenever her mom came to visit my mother, he always came with her and after a while both were going to play football on the street, I remember when we were on the street playing football many children came from other places to ask us to give them permission to play soccer .In this way I was making new friends, I can say that with them I spent the most wonderful moments of my life, we had good and bad moments and we always tried to solve our problems of the best way, once a friend named Luis had a problem

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