Memories That Changed My Literacy Journey

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Memories that impacted my literacy journey
During my life there have been many influential moments in the way I am , how I behave , my behavior and how I treat others . Some moments affected my personal literacy journey. These are some of the moments that have impacted my literacy ( the ability to read and write ) the most.

My earliest memory with literacy ( that I can remember ) is my grandma taking my sister and I to the children’s section of the local library and making us sit down next to other kids in a bright green hairy *furry, shaggy* rug . All of the children sat surrounding a small platform where a short , chubby woman wearing a bright pink dress sat on a wooden chair . The lady in pink read many different books. That evening …show more content…

So with this information in mind , these are some of the books that have influenced my character and therefore my literature journey .

My favorite memories either include an animal a friend or me upside down in my bed ( my favorite reading spot ) with a good book . Reading was always a safe place away from boredom and annoying siblings . One of the books I remember the most was a broad purple heavy book called ‘ Bible Stories for Kids’ I remember how at first I only read it because it was the only book in my little “library” that I had not read ; A story that stands out among others is the story of Jesus walking on water ; I can distinctly remember the first time I read this story , I was in an airplane on my way to Reynosa , Tamaulipas to visit my family. Since i had started reading the book a few weeks ago I couldn 't stop reading . I remember how surprised I was that Jesus could walk on water , I had always seen him as my God but that was the first time I truly understood how glorious and majestic God is

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